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Alien Zone
216 Main Street
Roswell, NM. 88201


Welcome to Alien Zone and Area 51 of Roswell New Mexico...

Alien T-Shirts, UFO tshirts, Roswell new mexico shirts, Area 51Our line of alien t-shirts are designed and produced by local artists in Roswell, New Mexico.  With out of this world prices, you will find original alien t-shirts, UFO merchandise, and authentic Roswell souvenirs!aliens near you!

Curious about "the real" Area 51?  We have pictures to prove it, just check out our photo gallery!  What about a true authentic Roswell, NM souvenir?   All of our shirts are designed with the alien and UFO enthusiast in mind!  Check out what the Alien Zone has for you...

Alien tshirts and UFO tshirts designed by Alien Zone of Roswell, NM.




Beer (Short Sleeve)
Vato (Short Sleeve)
Dealer (Short Sleeve)